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3,2,1…Lift Off! Shuttle to Mars!

A friend of mine invited me to the Garden of Davinci sim, and he showed me something so new and exciting that I couldn’t resist. We took a trip to Mars! Wanna go? Teleport!
The sim is gorgeous with lots of nooks and crannies to discover. However it is a bit laggy. When you teleport in, look for an eyesore of a rocket, and then sit in it 🙂 The rocket is next to a huge mountian with lava. This is a perfect date spot, or somewhere great to check out with friends. In addition, there is another spot you can tp to called Garden of Davinci orient. It is a little, relaxing skybox with sandunes, a tent with a bartender genie, snake charming, bellydancing, a guitar with nice themed music, and even a free magic carpet to use. (I don’t know why that first image will not move to the end of this gallery! lol These wordpress galleries annoy me. I can never get them right.)

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