The Killer Wakes Before Dawn

Pain and anguish that can compile over years of abuse and neglect, many times causing people to fantasize about or, worse, commit the heinous act of terror.

The deed…
…and now a prayer…short but sweet.
…the resolution.

Special feature for Daemotie Fashion (facebook):

Helmet: *Daemotie* BTK Helmet – Killer

Jacket: *Daemotie* The Ripper Jacket – DrLecters


Hair: Eaters Coma

Head: Genesis Lab – Julia Gacha

Skin: Genesis Lab – Cappuccino

Eyes: Genesis Lab – Demon Eyes – free

Septum Ring: The Little Bat

Body Suit: Creep by AղgєƖ ƑαυѕϮ (misconc3ption)

Gloves: Ducknipple

Boots:  Death Row Designs

Axe: The Horror – Axe Love gacha

Location 1: COLA – Murder del Rey CSS Role Play sim

Location 2: Luminescent Blood – Bad Moon (use teleporter)

Title: The Doors – The End song lyrics


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