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Practical and Pleasant Living in Second Life

Your living room, weather formal or casual, is one of the most personal spaces in your home. Pure Country Designs’ Country Cozy Livingroom set offers a feminine and warm touch to any interior.   All pieces are copy and modifiable to suit your taste. The couch alone has over 80 animations, including single male, single female, couples cuddling, and adult.… Continue reading Practical and Pleasant Living in Second Life

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Sunset Dreams

Reminiscent of warm summer nights, on the road, while driving state to state, Pure Country Designs’s beautiful outdoor setting, entitled “The Arizona Sky Terraine Scene” will satisfy any role player or resident’s landscaping desires in Second Life. The furniture features single and couples animations, that are on the sofa chairs as well as the floor,… Continue reading Sunset Dreams

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Eastern Inspired Architecture in Second Life

The Beautiful Ones creator, Babs Draconia, has created a beautiful Eastern inspired skybox, suited for parties, a hang out, or another addition to your home. This structure is reminiscent of classical Andalusian style architecture, and sort of reminds me of the Marrakech Museum in Morocco. The water in the center of the courtyard, has a… Continue reading Eastern Inspired Architecture in Second Life

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Serene Winter Scene

As residents in Second Life, we are allowed to create any type of fantasy we choose. Some of us will never be able to see snow in our lives, that is where Pure Country Designs Winter Fantasy scene can make your dreams come true! Enchanted with true delights, such as a sweet bed swing with single and couple poses,… Continue reading Serene Winter Scene